Be alerted by email

Good evening,

I am trying to send an email alert from graylog.
I want to know how to exactly configure these lines:

transport_email_enabled = 
transport_email_hostname = 
transport_email_port = 
transport_email_use_auth = 
transport_email_use_tls = 
transport_email_use_ssl = 
transport_email_auth_username = 
transport_email_auth_password = 
transport_email_subject_prefix =
transport_email_from_email =
transport_email_web_interface_url = 

How to fill the “Sender” field in the “alerts/notifications” section in graylog? And is this the only configuration to do? Or there is something else.

Thank you!

Please refer to the annotated configuration file for some example values:

Other than that, the name of the settings should be fairly self-explanatory.

If you have questions about one or more of these settings, feel free to ask specifically.

Thank you Jochen,

I am grateful for your response.
I want to know please if this line “transport_email_auth_password = secret” is necessary. If yes, so please which password I have to use? How to choose it? And when I will be obliged to use it?

Thank you!

It’s necessary if the SMTP server you’ve configured requires authentication.

You’ll have to use valid credentials for transport_email_auth_username and transport_email_auth_password which have been given to you by the administrators of the SMTP server you’ve configured.

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