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We have installed Graylog to use for capturing logs from our integration platform.

Our desire is trigger an alert on particular attribute ( i.e. level = ERROR ) in a log, and then see all the logs that are related to that log in an automated email (notification)

The context is that we add a unique value to a message as it passes through our integration platform, a correlation-id field.
This field is included in all logs related to that message as it passes between systems in our infrastructure.

What we are looking to do is

  • trigger an alert based on condition ( i.e. level = ERROR )
  • capture the value in the correlation-id field
  • populate the backlog with all logs that have the same correlation-id
  • create a notification using backlog, which now has all log messages corresponding to the triggering message

I can’t seem to find a way to make this work, either by searching for just those messages as described above, or alternatively choosing a large backlog (100+) and then filtering out logs which are not desired (i.e. different correlation-id value).

Can someone please tell me

  • if what we are looking for is achievable ?

  • if the way that needs to be achieved is by creating a plugin, or some other mechanism, can someone please point me in the right direction so that I can start to investigate how we can implement that functionality.

Thanks kindly


Hej @damian

currently your request is not possible with vanilla Graylog. You need to write your own alerting plugin that is capable doing this. Or you are scripting something yourself using the API of Graylog.

What is important about plugins is written in the documentation.


Thanks, I will start my plugin from the sample on the github (i.e. )

I have also had a look at the documentation (and samples) for alert conditions and alert notifications :

I can’t see any mention of the “backlog” attribute / class, should I be able to find this in API documentation ?
or should I just start as above and once the relevant classes are added to the project use code complete etc to browse for the relevant class attributes to find the backlog ?

Thanks in advance

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