AWS Graviton2 Server - ARM64 - Graylog Sidecar


I have seen several other posts asking about an ARM64 version installation package for the Graylog Collector Sidecar.

With the increasing use of AWS Graviton 2 64bit ARM processors just wondering if there are any plans to provide/support it. AWS are suggesting a price performance increase of up to 40% compared to x64 processors. The AWS Linux 2 is based on CentOS so would be keen on an rpm package for that.

Currently involved with a project to move ingestion servers from Windows to Linux - x64. Once that is complete would like to switch to Graviton 2 which should just be a compilation step. We typically run about 250 servers scaling to near 500 in busy periods. So the possibility of a 40% saving is too large to ignore at this kind of scale.

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Graylog sidecar is created using golang which supports ARM64, so it would be possible to compile it also for ARM64.

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