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How can I made Graylog to lookup ASN numbers on an IP field.
I can use GeoIP cities database to get cities and country codes, but, is there a way to use the Maxminds ASN database on Graylog?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Sorry for poor english,


It can’t handle it directly I think, but what you can do is write a little webservice that uses the ASN database that can be called with, say, and it will return the ASN from that, then set up a data adapter in graylog (HTTP JSONpath) that calls that service and retrieves the ASN from the response, then set up a lookup table using that data adapter and a cache of your choice to provide the functionality :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your reply!! I will try to do it and post again if it worked, My concern is that I have in excess of 3000 qps, so it will be welcome to do it via a stored file.

thanks again!

Well, a lookup table (even via JSONpath) in Graylog can cache results, so if you are willing to have relatively long cache life (14 days, give or take, since IP ranges don’t really get reassigned that often anymore) you only have to survive the first hour or so :slight_smile:

You did give me an idea so I may do up a proof of concept app and see how fast it is, see if it’s viable :slight_smile:

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Hi Ben,

I wrote a small api in php that reads from a MySQL instance loaded with data from I connected Graylog to the API via HTTP JSON Path.

I update the database once a day with the CSV files. It works perfectly. The cache stabilized around 1.4M entries, with 1 day TTL. Please tell me if you need more info!



Excellent, I got something similar going as well so… looks like it all worked out :smiley:

Yeah. It would be nice if Graylog could do the SQL query itself, for the lookup, so I can bypass the intermediarys.

Maybe a SQL query data adapter?

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feel free to create one!


@dmayan what @jan said :smiley: My Java skills are not up to the task :slight_smile: I actually prefer the intermediary step since we have other services that require a variety of lookups so we integrated all of that into some webapps running in our Nomad cluster so it’s easy enough :smiley:

Any tip to create one? My programmer skills are not up to date, but I will do my best.


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