All streams size is less then index size

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We are using 4.3 version of graylog. Even all stream sizes are less then index size. I calculated all streams are suppose 200GB. But my index size is 745GB. So can someone help me to fix the issue?
Which data using remaining space. Even I restarted graylog server.


Can you clarify what you mean by “all streams are suppose 200GB”? Based on what, and where are you calculating that? Where are you seeing the difference?

If you believe the calculation is wrong, you can force graylog to recalculate by clicking on the index set, using the maintenance button, then clicking ‘Recalculate index ranges’

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Please see the difference.


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The numbers and description you have are a bit confusing.

Streams are conduits that lead to Indices where data is stored. You can have multiple streams lead to a single index (Such as the Default Index Set). You started with and index size of 745GB but the latest pic shows 566GB (And 47 indices) are you getting the 745 from the filesystem of the Graylog server? Also, the Default Index set shows that it should only retain 22 indices and rotate to a new one after holding 40,000,000 documents (that is a lot of documents per index!) rather than rotating by the 200GB size. So you are capturing a LOT of data in each index of Default Index Set and have 25 other indices associated with another Index set that is not shown?

That’s how I am reading it - could you clarify a little more on where you are getting the numbers?

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