Alerts Not Sending Mails

(Ayoola Ayooluwa) #1

Hi guys, please below is the email configuration in my server.conf file but i still cant receive mails. Please help figure out where the issue is.


When i try the command echo “QUIT” | nc ...** 25** ; it worked fine and i could see the version and all.

But i still get this error persistently

I would appreciate if anyone can put me through.


(Jochen) #2

You’ve configured the email transport to use SSL but the SMTP server only seems to support plaintext connections of port 25/tcp.

(Ayoola Ayooluwa) #3

So what exact change should i make to make it work fine?

(Jochen) #4

Take a look at the transport_email_* settings and configure them according to your environment.

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