Alerts conditions for multiple field values

I know you can trigger an alert if a field value exists. But is there a way to trigger an alert if two field values equal whatever value we are looking for? Example. Trigger alert If Field A = X AND Field B = Z

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Hi Matt,

I’ve got the same problem, more generally trying to figure out how to create notifications based on “complex” conditions.
From what i understand, we have to create multiple streams to filter the logs and base 1 condition/notification on it :slight_smile:
a.|Message count condition (whenever the stream received more than X messages in the last Y minutes)
b.|Field aggregation condition (on a numeric field for perf alerting)|
c.|Field content condition (the stream received at least one message that has a field set to a given value)|

Not sure yet if this is the right way to do it or if you can compose multiple conditions…

Did you achieve your goal since your post ?

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