Add tabs to graylog search

I want to propose the feature of enabling tabs directly in Graylog Web-interface. Why?

How do we work with logs: (for example) first I search error messages by query: level:<5, then I specify some traceId to see full request path, then I specify some sourceFileName to see the details of data flow in it, so as a result I have 3-5 opened tabs and through 5 minutes I’m closing it because I have other tabs opened (not graylog) and it becomes 10-15 tabs. And it’s hard to restore them when I need it again.

So it’d be great if I can open the tabs inside graylog and even better if I can save them.
If I didn’t give enough details please let me know and I’ll try to explain better.

could you please add this feature request over in Github.

That is our central place for bug and feature request.


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Yes, thanks :slight_smile:

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