Add new Data Nodes to Existing Deployment

1. Describe your incident:
Currenty, my Graylog deployment consists of a Graylog Node and Data Node on the same virtual machine. Ideally, now that I’ve got everything setup the way I like it, I would like to add an additional data node to the cluster that’s not on the same machine.

2. Describe your environment:

  • OS Information: Ubuntu Server
  • Package Version: Graylog 6.0.3

3. What steps have you already taken to try and solve the problem?
I’ve tried following the documentation (link below), but to no avail. There doesn’t seem to be any documentation for adding nodes to existing clusters, only for new clusters/installs. Unless I’m reading the documentation wrong.|Getting+Started+with+the+Graylog+Data+Node|_____0

4. How can the community help?
Has anyone added a Data Node to an existing deployment? If so, what documentation or process did you follow?

Hi @cody
adding nodes is done by starting up a new node pointing at the same MongoDB. Certificates will be provisioned automatically to the new node on startup.
Hope this helps,

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