Why got error when serch more history information?

search a VIN number related all information, got error as below. Tried different persons/computers and different VIN numbers, most time got same error, even occasionally got information, select to different page would get such error again. if just searched a few days, it worked.

Oh no, something went wrong!
(You caused a org.graylog2.restclient.lib.APIException. API call failed GET http://@f-graylog012lv:12900/search/universal/relative?filter=streams:57893deee4b06ccf3ff095a0&offset=0&query=1C4RJFAG0JC121923&limit=100&range=0&sort=timestamp:desc&range_type=relative)

Reason: There was a problem with your search. We expected HTTP 200, but got a HTTP -1.

looks like your ES did not get back to GL with the result in the desired time - it runs in a timeout.

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