What's New in the Graylog Open Group Community

What’s New in the Graylog Open Group Community?

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May 25: Graylog v4.3 is the latest release and is now available for download.

This update includes features that enhance the existing capabilities you know and love, and continue to make life easier for the analysts that use Graylog daily. For more information about what’s in the v4.3 release, please review the release announcement.

New from a community member: an article by a Marketplace Developer and Community Member

Collecting Office365 & AzureAD audit logs using Graylog and Office Audit Collector

Community member @ddbnl created an tool for Graylog that collects Office365 and AzureAD audit logs. He explains how it works and how to set it up. It’s open source and free to use. Use it and let @ddbnl know what you think.

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