What are the steps for Graylog throttling

Hello Friend,

Can you pls help with the detailed steps of Graylog throttling?

Graylog has build in support for throttling for some inputs, check docs. Or you mean something different. Please be more verbose, which graylog version do you use, your configuration and so on.


I am not getting below checkbox option in my Graylog console.

To enable throttling for one of these inputs, edit it in System > Inputs and check the Allow throttling this input checkbox.

I am using below version.


Thottling is supported only in some inputs, not all:

Graylog Inputs that support throttling:

  • AWS Flow Logs
  • AWS Cloudtrail
  • AWS Logs
  • CEF AMQP Input
  • CEF Kafka Input
  • GELF Kafka
  • JSON path from HTTP API
  • Raw/Plaintext AMQP
  • Raw/Plaintext Kafka
  • Syslog AMQP
  • Syslog Kafka

Which type of input do you use?

It will be OS logs and application logs. you can consider tomcat and syslog.

If you want to use normal syslog, maybe check syslog-ng in middle which support throttling:

Actually we are trying to do throttling on Graylog for Atlassian logs.

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