WARN message in Graylog

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We are getting the below message when we enable Graylog output, can you please help to understand what this message is and how we can rectify it.

WARN [OutputBufferProcessor] Timeout reached. Not waiting any longer for stream output writer threads to complete.


This warning indicates that the output_module_timeout has been exceeded.

# Since 0.21 the Graylog server supports pluggable output modules. This means a single message can be written to multiple
# outputs. The next setting defines the timeout for a single output module, including the default output module where all
# messages end up.
# Time in milliseconds to wait for all message outputs to finish writing a single message.
#output_module_timeout = 10000
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Thanks @patrickmann for your response. We are sending logs in GB/minute so do I need to increase the output_module_timeout from 10000 ?

You could certainly increase the timeout to make this warning less noisy. It’s just informational.

You might also want to review your configuration of processors / buffers to make sure outputs can keep up.

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