Using kopf or HQ on a single node

Hello everybody,

This is my first post, it’s nice to discover this place, also please forgive me if I’m in the wrong topic.

I’m trying to use plugins kopf and hq on the embedded elasticsearch . Of course it’s not very useful on a single node but the system might extend and been working with ELK before, it’s very useful to show to the client how it work.
Can you help me to set the network configuration? I tried already several configuration but couldn’t make it work…

Thanks in advance!

Hope this helps for getting Elasticsearch HQ to run with the embedded elasticsearch in the OVA.

# Make the JAVA Variable
export JAVA_HOME="/opt/graylog/embedded/jre"

# Go to Graylog Elasticsearch Embed folder
cd /opt/graylog/elasticsearch

# Install the latest ES 2.X version of the plugin
bin/plugin install royrusso/elasticsearch-HQ/v2.0.3

After you get message "Installed hq into /opt/graylog/elasticsearch/plugins/hq", you can load it up in your browser

http://<Your OVA URL or IP>:9200/_plugin/hq

Thanks billmurrin for the reply,
Actually, I don’t use the OVA, I did the installation from raw centos7.
I’m sorry, I think my first post wasn’t really clear. I already did install the HQ and Kopf. What I want to do is to access HQ or Kopf from a client but I’m missing something in the graylog-server/elasticsearch network configuration.
I can’t figured out how to configure them to make them working as they were on separate servers. Actually, everything working fine except that elasticsearch can be access only on the local host…
I think it’s nothing difficult but can’t figure out…

If you can access elasticsearch on the local host (, then you an use an ssh tunnel to connect your local host on port 9200 to the remote host on port 9200. If you are in Windows, you can configure pUTTY at Connection->SSH->Tunnels. The local port would be 9200 and the remote would like port 9200. Then when connected to the server via SSH, you can open up your local web browser and go to to access it on the remote host.

Thanks a lot! I’m learning everyday!
I can now access the HQ