Unauthorized Updating Graylog Index Templates

Attempting to follow the following guidance regarding reindexing after an Elasticsearch upgrade: Elasticsearch Reindexing Notes

Perhaps I’m missing something silly here, but when attempting to update the Graylog index templates per the guide using the following API call, I get a 401 Unauthorized.

http post :9000/api/system/indexer/indices/templates/update x-requested-by:httpie

Nothing about the API call above looks to need customization, and my Elasticsearch configuration (and Graylog install) is about as plain as they come.

Any ideas why this API call from the documentation isn’t working?

You probably missing authentication parameters with user and password for httpie:
http -a username:password

Or token if you it:

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…and so for some reason I missed that the TCP 9000 in the command is not Elasticsearch but Graylog as you’ve pointed out. As I said in my original post, I’m sure I was missing something silly. Thanks!

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