Unable to plot a data table for below query and not sure why?

Hi Team,

I have a server where I installed DNS RPZ and have windows DNS Server. I am getting logs from logstash to graylog which is installed on DNS RPZ Server; while at the same time I installed packetbeat on the windows server and then sending logs to logstash to DNS RPZ and then to graylog from there. → Windows DNS Server with Packetbeat → BIND DNS RPZ with graylog/logstash

Here is the situation which I am unable to resolve. The logs for now are coming in “All Messages”


21-Feb-2022 08:45:05.085 rpz: info: client @0x7f42443f56c8 (key.ru): rpz QNAME Local-Data rewrite key.ru/A/IN via key.ru.block.tld
2022-02-21 08:45:06 +05:30

And here is windows Packet beat logs

2022-02-21 08:45:04 +05:30

Now the thing is I am going to create a Data Table aggregration and wanted to chart

packetbeat_client_ip “\t” qdomain “\t” action

However this is not happening. Can someone please help?


By chance are you using the Beat Input for → Windows DNS Server with Packetbeat and a different Input for → BIND DNS RPZ with graylog/logstash? The reason I ask this is to make sure you getting the right fields needed for you Data table ( i.e. Widget).

To be honest some more information would help specially for what your doing with the data table.

Yes that is right - I am using different input in Graylog. That is Beat Input for while logstash for

Would you please suggest what exactly needs to be done then?

Hello @blason

Sure, not a problem.

On the search page, left side click on aggregation Add you fields to the Widget and save.


If this is not what you want, could you explain in greater detail what your trying to achieve.

If you have done this already and do not see data BUT you know those fields do exist, check your Data and Timestamp. It has been known to cause issues

I am using 3.3.16 and have already created the dashboards or aggregations however as I said I am unable to plot those fields in a single aggregation. Here e.g.

Data does not appear when I add packetbeat fields

Oh I see now,

Have to tried other configurations? Meaning changing the order of the fields but keeping clientipaddr there clientipaddr —> packetbeat_client_ip → odomain

clientipaddr is being search and for/each clientipaddr there is a filed called odomain which I seen was listed above, then you adding packetbeat_client_ip after each odomain. Perhaps each field odomain does not have a packetbeat_client_ip fileld/s. Just a guess.

My apologies, I no long have version GL 3,3 and its been awhile so I’m going off memory on what might have happened.

I did a test in my lab and I can not use a Beat INPUT with GELF TCP/TLS INPUT, results are NULL.

Does that mean it will not work since both the data is coming from different input?


I’m sorry but it might not, I have version 4.2.6 and I’m unable to get data from both types of INPUTS.
What I get is you have two fields /w IP address from two different sources/types coming in and want to match them with a domain. Depending on how bad you want this widget to work, you can use a extractor /pipelines and create unique fields that would be able get the information you need or create a widget for each. On the other hand, perhaps posting here may help.

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