TLS Input - Require Certificate Authority?

As I’ve just recently secured my single node Graylog server with self signed certs, I thought I could just use those on an existing Input. Before I go down a series rabbit hole, are these the instructions to follow?

Seems to require a Certificate Authority and links to creating a Shadow CA for testing/lab purposes.

My goal for all of this was to enable Syslog for our Dell/EMC Unisphere

I get this error

Based on my research that’s probably because I’m just pointing it to tls_key_file and not a CA crt

Does this all sound right? Thank you, Zach.

I take it Dell has a way to ship syslog to graylog so you dont have to install a log shipper/client?

Sound about right it seams to be yelling about the cert your using. Unfortunately we dont have Dell server so I’m not sure what cert format it requires.

This is a storage array/appliance. So I don’t have the ability to install anything. I guess I was assuming, based on the options, it had the ability to ship the logs. I may open a ticket with them to see. If I find anything interesting, I’ll update.

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