This cluster is not covered by the license

I had one node at version 3.x and because of many tests and experiments I lost the ability to revert my changes and the node crashed. Chance to upgrade to 4.0.1 with OVA deploy. But when I inserted the license, the warning appeared.

Is there any way to detach the old node and leave only the new one? Is there any known procedure?

Thank you in advance.


@gpan You can go through the Graylog documentation link for your reference, and then you are free to ask in case anything unclear in it.

i have a similar issue due to sysmon going crazy, multiple contact attempts, no response

yeah, new license does not fix it. It is silly really. With just a small network used as a test environment it proves dead easy to generate 5GB of data indexed a day :frowning: Admittedly it involved microsoft+sysmon but packetbeat can also do that :smiley:

What did you mean by ^ earlier? I’m curious, as I seem to have read right past it.

ah, yes, mails i sent, not in this forum.

@gpan What kind of license? Is is one of the 5g free licenses? My inclination would be to request a new license.

Yes, this one. I will try to fix it until the end of the week and if nothing happens, I will request a new license.

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