The work of a enviroment var

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What does this env variable does, please elaborate, bookish can be found any where : rest_transport_uri . And how do I use it to set up a master-slave graylog cluster. Specifically what are the values in master and slaves ?

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Please refer to the annotated configuration file and the documentation at

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@jochen I had already read those. Can you please elaborate a little on it in laymans term. Sorry for pestering.

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Which aspects are unclear?

(Akash Kumar Dutta) #5

I mean suppose I have a master-slave architecture for graylog. I wanted to know what do I feed in this env varialbe for master pod and slave pod ?

(Jochen) #6


It’s is_master = true for the primary node and is_master = false for the secondary nodes.

(Akash Kumar Dutta) #7

You mean rest_transport_uri will be the same for both the pods master and slave ?

(Jochen) #8

No, rest_transport_uri has to be unique for each Graylog node and it has to be accessible by all other Graylog nodes in the cluster.

This is described in the annotated configuration file I’ve already linked to:

(Akash Kumar Dutta) #9

could you give an example to make things clear. Suppose I already have the env vars set for master and slave as :

          - name: GRAYLOG_WEB_ENDPOINT_URI
            value: ""
          - name: GRAYLOG_REST_LISTEN_URI
            value: ""
          - name: GRAYLOG_WEB_LISTEN_URI
            value: ""

What should I set my GRAYLOG_REST_TRANSPORT_URI to ? Thanks !

(Jochen) #10

To the full address of the Graylog REST API of that particular Graylog node.

(Akash Kumar Dutta) #11

I am totally confused as to how do I get exact address of the graylog node inside the stateful set in Kubernetes :pensive: any help appreciated.

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