The value of the field extracted from the email alarm content in Fieds cannot be displayed

First I extracted the relevant fields in the extractors and named them hostname, which can be matched with only regular expressions, and then I wrote ${source.hostname} in the Template under Event Fields in the Event Definitions module, and filled in
${event_definition_ in the Email Body in the Notifications description}

${foreach event.fields field}

  • ${field.key}:   ${field.value}

  • ${end}
      , I simulated the alarm conditions to test the email alarms sent but all of them were blank, as follows • failed_user:
      • hostname:
      • failed_ip:
      There is no specific value, I don’t know where it was written wrong, and I ask the experts to see what the problem is, thank you very much :pray:t2: :pray:t2:

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