Stream Orchestration Plugin

Hey Graylog Community,
I coded the Grouper plugin to orchestrate streams by using stream-groups which store parent-child-relationships -

Stream-group child-streams are grouped via a logical operator (AND, OR).
If a message matches the condition of connected children, it’s routed into the parent-stream.

This functionality is based on out-of-the-box stream objects and a parent-stream can be re-used as a child-stream of another stream-group aswell, so graph-structures can be built which are evaluated in realtime allowing extended, flexible routing.

Maybe somebody has a setup where this functionality can be useful - I’m happy to receive feedback.

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thank you @peteme for sharing your work!

It seems good.
I check and it’s working for me.
Two things.

  • The blue edit button is bigger than the others (I don’t know it is deliberate)
  • Maybe it could be better if you can make the “hierarchy” “visible” under streams. So hide the children, as you do it under Grouper.

@jan thanks for your kind words!

@macko003 thanks for your usage feedback.
I’ll definitely look into the points you’ve mentioned.
I try to visualize the hierarchy in a more intuitive way by adding add a visual graph representation as a separate overview.
Plus I’ll look into how to modify the streams page directely.

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