Snapshot and Restore active index

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I am attempting to restore a snapshot but it is the main index I am restoring and one of them is an active write index (and so it isn’t restored). How do I restore an index when there is always an active write index and that is skipped?

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So for my purposes I just deleted the index before restoring by stoping the graylog service and then deleting the index through elasticsearch not graylog’s interface (commands below - from Ubuntu server 18.04 LTS):

Shutdown Graylog:

$ sudo service graylog-server stop

List current indexes:

$ sudo curl -X GET localhost:9200/_cat/indices?v

Delete indexes needed:

$ sudo curl -X DELETE localhost:9200/<index you want deleted>

I am still interested (if someone can answer) if there is a way to restore an index without completely deleting it
or if there is just a better way though.

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Maybe it can be done by just closing all indexes first (of course with Graylog service stopped)?

sudo curl -X POST localhost:9200/_all/_close

Anyone have ideas?

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