Single Node Sizing

Dear All,

Can anyone here tell me the correct sizing ratio of RAM a single node cluster for a small test deployment, I know there are lots of other variables that are involved. If I have 16GB available, should I do

3.0 5GB GL
5.0 GB ES
8.0 GB for OS overhead.

I had it suggested that the ES RAM could be increased so long as it was not more than 50% of system RAM, this would yield.

3.0 GB GL
7.5 GB ES
5.5 GB OS Overhead

Any one tell me which is correct and why?


If you’re talking just about the RAM for the single node system and assuming that you’re only running graylog, mongodb and elasticsearch on it. I would say reserve 2GB for system, then give 8GB to ES and the rest to GL/Mongo.

don’t forget to modify the java heap.

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