Sidecar mappings got cleared on pod restart

Is it normal for sidecar mappings to be cleared after the Graylog pod gets restarted? All the other data from MongoDB weren’t affected. Is there any way this issue can be avoided?
I am running Graylog 3.3 on a Kubernetes cluster.

@sundara20 hey there. Can you elaborate on how you have k8s configured? Without knowing how any of your deployment is configured, it’s hard for folks to help.

Hey, sure. The deployment is on Azure Kubernetes Service and is a helm deployment of

  • Graylog 3.3.2 (Memory limit 4 GB).
  • MongoDB 3.6 and
  • 2 node Elastic 6.8.1 cluster(Memory limit 2 GB per node)
  • Custom sidecar image with metricbeat,filebeat etc(Memory 1 GB)

Every other data was as it was, nothing happened to any of the collector configurations as well.

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