Side-Car "Clear Selection" Not Working

I upgraded the Graylog to v3.2 and all work smooth, but when i need to ajust the “Side-Car” Winlogbeat extractor, i can´t use the “Clear Selection”.
Also mensioned here :
I did created an “Dummy” but no luck for removing any of the selections.

Does anybody have the same issue? Thanks

he @lcosta

what browser did you use? Did you tried a different one?

yes, only tried Internet Explorer, maybe an security issue?

Well, tried in diferente computers and browsers and no luck, still can´t choose “clear selection” :frowning:

Hi there @jan , so they published a fix : can you help me understand how to apply this fix? Thank you :slight_smile:

he @lcosta

this fix will be part of the next backport release of Graylog.


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