Sending logs to Graylog from Syslog-NG

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I am sending a test message from my syslog server to graylog load-balancer and I can connect server using netcat and port 12201, but when I send an echo test message 205 bytes sent 0 bytes received. Nothing shows up in graylog. I checked the my logs and I am seeing this error message Connection failed; fd=‘14’, server=‘AF_INET(’, local=‘AF_INET(’, error='Permission denied (13)

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He @rbizzell40

if you would have shared what input you have configured and how have you send the “test” messages you might got an answer that fits to your situation - without all of that, please search the forum for possible issues, read this documentation:

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ok sure I can do that but is okay if you address people in a professional way? I understand people that have more knowledge about something sometimes come off as being rude and I see you are the expert on graylog but do you have to speak to people that way. Thanks for your help

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