Rollup option is a bit useless

First of all, the new dashboards are great! I really love them they make so many things so much easier. The “Rolllup” option for widget columns is from my perspective a bit odd though. I don’t know how other people use it but for me it doesn’t really work as expected.

I have for example a widget that shows CPU usage for various processes. It’s configured as rows: timestamp, columns: service_name and metrics: max(cpu). This works great and displays a line chart with all services. Now I read the description for the rollup option, which says “When rollup is enabled, an additional trace totalling individual subtraces will be included.” which leads me to believe I will get an additional line with the total / sum of cpu usage of all services, but when I actually enable it, the new rollup trace is pretty much the same as the highest subtrace. It appears that it simply applies the metrics function to all log entries.

I can understand that there might be a use case for this behavior but for most widgets it would be more useful to have the sum of all traces.

@TitanNano thanks a lot for your feedback. I am really happy that you like our new dashboards!

You are right, the description of the rollup feature is a bit misleading here. I will open an issue for that. If you want to, you can give an example for a description which would have been more helpful.

@TitanNano I opened an issue as mentioned.
Please feel free to look at my suggested re-phrasing of the description.

@konrad I think you suggested description would accurately explain the feature.

Would it be possible to add an option that actually provides a trace which applies total to all subtraces?

@TitanNano, in the 3.2 I do not see it possible. But we have some plans for 3.3 where something like this is possible to configure. I do not want to make any promises, but I feel quite certain.

@konrad sounds great, is there already an issue for this which I can follow?

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