Proper way to sanitize passwords

I proceed Nginx access log which also contain authentication requests with passwords.
What’s the most efficient/recommended way to wipe out passwords in such logs?

use processing pipelines to either delete the field or mask that field

Why do you have passwords in your logfiles?
Wouldn´t it be better to edit the file before sending it to your graylog? :slight_smile:

I don’t have passwords in my logfiles :upside_down_face:
Nginx sends data directly to Graylog, there is no any intermediate file.
“Nginx access log” here stands for access_log directive

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Aaah ^^

I thought you would have a “nginx access log(-file)” which contains requests with passwords :smiley:

@jan, if I understand your reply properly I’m expected to parse password to some field first.
Is there some kind common replace function(unfortunately I couldn’t find such in the documentation)? Is it possible just to apply it to full message?
Probably I misunderstand this suggestion and need to do it in another way.
Would you mind to share more details?

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