Prevent blinking Inputs due long waiting

I’m talking about web-interface.
Our server responses from Graylog input quite long: a bit more than 5 seconds.
Due to long-lasting a “Waiting” time, the checking of any Input by the web app makes Input label as “RUNNING” for 3 seconds and “NOT RUNNING” for 2 second (GET /api/cluster/inputstates). That behavior gets some other difficulties, not listed.
By the way, our servers seems not to be week.

How could I prevent such problem?
Examples below, but I don’t know, how to do it:

  • increase timeout in web-app for inputs;
  • make response of server quicker, by some env-var there;
  • something else…

he @n.danylov

did you mind sharing your http_* parameters of all servers you have?

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