Parsing dates and setting a field

In a test of a rule, I wanted to set a date value (e.g., now()) in a new field. Something like this:

  ...some condition...
  set_field("rule_execution_ts", now());

In the simulation it worked as expected, the new field was created and shown in the result pane as a normally formatted date, i.e., 2017-01-06T12:34:56, or something similar.

However, when executed in a pipeline, the resulting field contained (or was shown as in the search result) a JSON string of various fields:


If the same date value is set in the pre-existing timestamp field, then the formatting looks correct in the search results.

Is there anything that can be done to get the expected formatting of fields with date contents in search results (and presumably also as a value in the database)?

These experiments are done 2.3.0-alpha4-SNAPSHOT, if it matters.

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