Out of RAM memory

Did you add up all the RAM that was given to Elasticsearch/Graylog.
Looks like you have 9GB RAM on that node.

So if you have 2Gb of heap for Graylog, 4Gb of Heap for elasticsearch that would leave 3 Gb for the system. Is this correct?

EDIT: I just realized, This node only has Graylog/MongoDb.

It might be, not sure. I assume this is new node? and what are you ingest rate for messages?
It took a minute , I see now. You gave Graylog 4 Gb of heap and it look like its using 7 and perhaps 2 left for the system.

Out of curiosity , if you add let’s say 4 more GB of RAM does it still increase past 7 GB mark?

I noticed a pattern that when I turn off the old mongo cluster (which I combined with the new one), lags begin. If there are less than 3 mongo servers, then it starts to slow down.

now I have increased resources


This does make sense, thou. Specially for the amount of logs you ingesting.

Looks like Graylog is using 6 GB out of 10.
Is it still increasing? or is it staying around 6 GB give or take 1 GB?

now it costs 60 GB ± 1

Anything new going on @Uporaba ?

Hello. Nothing new. After making graylog with mongo separately. it seems that the RAM has stopped filling up and is kept around 60 ± 10% of 10 GB. So basically I think we won.



If the issue is gone could you mark this as resolved for future search’s.


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