Nxlog-ce memory leak?

Has anyone encountered memory leaks using Nxlog-ce (nxlog-ce-2.9.1716) as the Collector backend? I’ve only encountered it once, but the system owner claims Nxlog was consuming > 10GB of ram, causing other system issues. I see there is now a more recently version of Nxlog-ce available, but darned if I can find any release notes to see what was changed. I found a reference to a “pm_buffer” module causing issues but we’re not using that. This system has a fairly simple Collector/Nxlog config pulling in a fairly low volume Elasticsearch log, sending to Graylog via GELF-TCP.


The changelog file has only one line:

  2018-05-03 2.10.2102
  Implemented Listen mode for om_tcp which enables clients to connect to it.

The changelog can be found at gitlab: https://gitlab.com/nxlog-public/nxlog-ce/blob/master/ChangeLog.txt

Ah-ha, thank you kindly!

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