Not triggering alert notifications


i have installed two plugins for graylog one is moogsoft and the service now. updated streams accordingly.
the alert is being triggered but it is not able to trigger any notifications .
can someone suggest on this please!

you should include some more information:

  • what plugin did you have installed in what version? (include URL that someone who does not know that plugin can look at)
  • what Graylog Version did you use?
  • Did you checked if the Plugin is compatible with the Graylog version?
  • Did you asked the Plugin creator for help?
  • What did you expect should happen?
  • What does happen?
  • what does the Graylog server.log tells you?


I am using graylog2.5.1 version.
plugin was created by someone else, and i am just installing and testing it in gryalog environment.
when i try to hit test under streams , the plugin just works fine.hence the person who developed the plugin says that there is no problem with the plugin.
there are two plugins
1.servicenow plugin
2. moogsoft plugin
the service now plugin will creates a ticket every time the alert triggers,
the moogsoft plugin will send the alerts to moogsoft sever.
both the okugin works on login url , user ID and password basis.
3. graylog server logs just looks fine. no errors

sorry you left out some important information so I’m not able to help you further …

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