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Hi Team,

There are serveral places that “No results found” presents. i have search all source code files, it seems that there is no phrase “No results found” being found. did this not introduce by graylog source codes ?


How can we localized it ?


Looking through the src, I think the ‘No results found’ message there may be coming from:

Check out lines 42 to 52.

Thank Jesse, but my question is where the exact phase text “No results found” lives?

If you look at the lines I mentioned, it is possibly being returned by the query.

this sound reasonable. so i should add a check for results return by mongodb before return it directly.

indeed, i found the phrase text is not return by mongodb, but the programmed behavior on browser, when i pull down the select list, there has an event been triggered and rendering as following:

maybe we need change the program to control the output of the browser.


Eventually found it was introduced by react-select

and also i found there are release notes related to this:

## v0.2.10 / 2015-01-01

* fixed; More specific mixin name to avoid conflicts (css)
* fixed; Example CSS now correctly rebuilds on changes in development
* fixed; Values are now expanded correctly when options change (see #28)
* added; Option to specify "No results found" label as prop for i18n, thanks
	[Julen Ruiz Aizpuru](

But where can we specify the option ?

does there anyone have ideas on this ?

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