Mongorestore 3.2.x to 4.x?

Is this safe going from 3.2 to version 4 with the --drop option? When I did my migration I did not use --drop, and it caused a few issues. I’m wondering if using --drop across versions would have caused more.

mkdir /var/tmp/backup
mongodump --db graylog --out /var/tmp/backup/
tar czvf /var/tmp/graylog_backup.tgz /var/tmp/backup/graylog

copy backup to local

cd /var/tmp

tar xzvf graylog_backup.tgz

mongorestore -d graylog --drop ./graylog

:wave: Are you talking about Mongo 3.2 → 4.0 or Graylog 3.2 → 4.0?

Graylog 3.2 to Graylog 4.

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