MapperParsingException -

Hi guys

My SNMP input works just fine with most devices but for some reason I get the following error when receiving traps from HPE iLO

2019-03-04 10:01:47.914 graylog-server
[17]: index [graylog_189], type [message], id [94018960-3ea7-11e9-be1a-000c29d79088], message [MapperParsingException[failed to parse [snmp_frxDownloadTrap]]; nested: NumberFormatException[For input string: “Remote Insight Test Trap”];]

Any advice for me specific to HPE iLO traps? FYI the iLO is running the latest firmware available as of today from HPE

Thank you

that message just indicate that you send a string and not a number to a field in elasticsearch that is a number …

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