Make the Timestamp / timestamp get the correct time

Hello friends,
Good afternoon. Could anyone help how to make the Timestamp / timestamp get the correct time instead of being 00:00:00.
I would like it to be the “message” time in this example 00:21:38.
For the other assets (inputs) everything is correct but for this one in particular it is dated with 00:00:00 -03:00.
Sorry for English



You posted in a 4.5 year old post. I moved your request to a NEW post. Hope you don’t mind.

As for your timestamp issue.
Unfortunately I don’t know how you setup up your Graylog environment but this could be a few different ways of correcting that, for instance take a look here…

If your unsure what to post , please take a look here

Hello dear friend,

Sorry for not posting correctly, I was inattentive and didn’t read the rules. Actually I posted in another topic.
Please can you close or remove this one I open again.

It makes more sense to keep the question in the other older topic, because it already has an interaction of answers

Thank you for the tip and for the anticipation of good policy

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