Long time Statistics with Average

Hi @All!

We want a long time overview (3 years +) of some parameters from our webapplication, an average per month. With this information, we would compare the site speed in a monthly average, for the last 3 Years.

Our WebApplication writes statistic files looks like this: (GELF-Format)


On this webapp we have about 2 Millions of PageImpressions (PI) per Day and every PI generates this logentry. So how can i aggregate all data from one month, build an average of the “_duration*” fields and store this monthly average in an extra index for a longer time (3 years +), so that we can compare e.g. averages from december 2018 with december 2017 and december 2016. Historical data are available …

thanks for help

you can’t do this with plain graylog.

To generate the data you would need to write a script that use the Graylog API and then you reingest the result into Graylog that this is saved in one extra index.

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