Input statistic issue with pipeline

(Charles Deng) #1

there is no input statistic shows with pipeline:

Firstly, I configure that pipline processor for a stream:


Secondly i have defined the stream with filters based on static fields added by gelf collector agents:


thirdly, i have defined the pipleline connected to the above stream:


but I got:


and when show received message of the input, i got nothing:

and when got nothing from sources:

but check output the index set, there does have something but very little compare to the input rate:

Is there anything i do wrongly?

(Jochen) #2

You’ll have to provide more details if you want anybody to be able to help you.

  • Complete stream configuration
  • Complete stream rules
  • Complete pipeline rules used in that stage
  • Example messages

(Charles Deng) #3

sorry, i just change the x-pack to search guard those days just because of x-pack 30 days trial expired. after get this done, i try a carefully checking, i found there are some field names in the stream rule are not matched in the one sent by the collector. corrected it and fixed this issue.

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