How to integrate sublime security

]i need to create a dashboard for phishing in grafana which will link to sublime security , and so how should i integrate sublime security.

I’m not sure i follow. Are you using graylog to collect these log events? What functionality are you trying to integrate with sublime security or what are you trying to have graylog and/or sublime security do?

I’m unfortunately not familiar with sublime security but accessing data in graylog can be done in a couple of ways:

  • Officially supported: via Graylog’s API
  • Unsupported, your milage may vary: querying the indexer (Elasticsearch or OpenSearch) directly. This is how you can use grafana to query data in graylog.

I have installed sublime security, I want the data which is getting in sublime to come graylog. So what are the configuration that I should do in graylog to get sublime’s data.

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