How to get the latest message of a stream?


Newbie question: I want to grab the most recent message from a stream via REST API - but I do not have Admin permissions, i only have Reader permissions for that stream. Is this at all possible? I can set an alert and get the state of that with /api/streams/{streamid}/alerts/check, but I did not find a way to do a simple query on that stream.

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use the api-browser to see what is possible.


I get alerts for stream id xyz via /api/streams/xyz/alerts/check, but how do I get stream data? Not with the streams/ functions I guess, unless I overlooked some use. The search/ functions seem to require admin permissions.

On the other hand I read that the UI uses the Rest API, too, and in the UI I can view messages from that stream.


OK now, this works:


My filter was wrong - found that out by using fiddler and looking at the requests the UI executes.

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