How to detect new logs files in Graylog

Hello Team,

I am very new to the Graylog community and tool.
Could you please assist me here,
I have dropped my Test log file here but Graylog has not detected my files.
Few other log files also exist in the path which is being detected.
Also, the .yml file says ( path*), so it reads all the files.

Can tell me what can I do to detect the files.

Thank you

Hi there! Before we get too far into the weeds of troubleshooting your issue, I’d suggest clarifying your question. The community FAQ has a number of pointers about how to ensure that you ask a good question (“good” in this case meaning that the question about what you’re trying to accomplish is clear, well-defined, and provides enough information to members of the community so they can help). There’s a lot that seems to be missing in your inquiry and folks are going to have to make a lot of jumps to better understand what’s going on. That said, here are some places to start :

  • Surround your code with ```. It’ll make our job of reading your errors and configs just a bit easier
  • Give us a problem statement. Tell the community exactly what you’re trying to do. This seems like your trying to get filebeat (not sidecar, as sidecar doesn’t actually ship any logs) to pick up a new file.
  • Provide some (sanitized) configs. While error messages can be helpful, there’s (usually) a reason for the errors and seeing your configs helps everyone involved.
  • Tell us what you’ve tried. Explain, in detail, what you’ve attempted. This may seem onerous, but trust me, it’ll help us help you.

Having this info is going to go a long way in getting assistance from the community.

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