How occassional spikes in logs count and the consequence?

Good day everyone, I am currently testing the one-year free Enterprise license for my organization.

Because we are ingesting firewall logs, and we are afraid occasional DDoS attacks to multiple devices could bring up the logs exceeding the 5GB/day limit.

We understand that there would be a limited number of warnings given before a firm violation judgment.

But what are the consequences of the violation? Incoming logs will be blocked? Or only the enterprise functions will be inaccessible? Or the web interface will be locked? And will the limit recount after some days?

Please help, someone share the experience, or point me to the reference for it.

Thank you all in advance.

he @bbfunde

when you violate the license:

  • only the enterprise features will stop working
  • after you have not violated the license in the sliding window of 30 days more than 5 times the features will work again.

Great help again, thank you very much. :smile:

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