How do I find new servers in the collectors administration view?


We are running Graylog 3.2 and we have about 100 servers sending logs from the Graylog Sidecar agent installed on our Windows Servers.

We are about to roll out the Graylog Sidecar agent to the rest of our servers, about 100 more servers.

And now to my headache:
I need to view ONLY those new servers as they are appearing in the collectors administration view in the Graylog console. I can only filter on fields that contain a value. For example: status:failing, status:unknown and so on, I have not accomplished to find a filter value to search to view the new servers without any configuration set.

I would like to filter only the servers that do NOT contain a configuration to give them a new configuration… it seems now that I need to find those 100 servers, one by one, that do not contain any configuration and set a new configuration manually.

I hope that I am wrong.

he @Stig

did you mind opening a feature request for that? It looks like a really good point.

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