Graylog works but some messages are missing

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Hey all, i’m deploying a Graylog stack in my company using Graylog 4.3, Opensearch 1.3.5 and Fluentd to send logs to Graylog. All of this it is running in a Kubernetes cluster and everything is working fine, except by some logs not appearing: in a window of 5 minutes i’m missing around 1300 messages only from one namespace in a universe of 18k messages. I suspected of message field size, but fields are not that big (an example it is a message field with 16kb not appearing in graylog)

I increased the resources and have Grafana panels to monitor all pieces, and everything looks running well. There are no logs in a level higher than INFO in Graylog, OS, or Fluentd. I use GELF UDP to receive logs.

Could you please point some debug direction based on your experience?

maybe look at server.log to see what messages are getting dropped.
Sometimes it is a timestamp issue, a wrong mapping or something else.
It just a guess.


You can also have a look at Sytem - Overview and there seach for Indexing & Processing Failures.

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