Graylog Views "Insert into View" feature

When I try to use the Insert into View feature in an Graylog Enterprise View, the Select view drop down is empty. I have several Views created.
I am running Graylog v3.0.2

you might hit a bug.

Is that reproducible, if yes, how?

I first installed Graylog using the OVA in my lab and experienced the issue. I have since installed using CentOS and am still seeing the issue.
As for reproducing the issue:

  1. I only have six Views created. All of my Views have multiple tabs.
  2. Expand a message and move the mouse to the right of any value and click the drop down arrow.
  3. Select Insert into view.
  4. A Select view box opens. Click the Select view drop down and it’s empty (at least on mine). It says No results found.
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So this “issue” wasn’t an issue at all, but a lack of understanding on my part. When you use the Insert into view option, you have to have other Views that have parameters created in them.
None of my Views did. Once I created a parameter in a View, this feature worked as expected.
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Hello @cmd1775,

thanks for your input! We will add a little hint to the modal to make it clearer.

But I would love to know what you thought what would happen before you figured out the
parameters. Because that was the workflow which came naturally to you, and perhaps it is a useful feature.

Would be nice if you would share your thought with us.

Thank you!

Hello Konrad,

I thought it would just add the object to the query for the View I selected. Very much the same way a parameter works. I have parameters setup now and it works perfectly. :slight_smile:
Thank you,

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