Graylog on existing rsyslog-Server?

Can I run Graylog on an already existing Rsyslog-server?
I’ve a Nagios-server which also collects logs from different network-devices (rsyslog).
Can I just install Graylog on this server and get inputs directly from the rsyslog or do I have to forward logs to localhost:port for the Graylog?

Hi @kuchenmann,
in theory, you can run both on the same system. There are a few things to consider though:

  1. If you have a lot of logs, Graylog and Opensearch will consume a lot of CPU, RAM and Disk. I don’t know if your Nagios will like that
  2. You can only listen with one service on one port of that system. If rsyslog receives on port 1512 Graylog can not open the same port, as it is occupied.
  3. using rsyslog to receive your logs and forward them on the same system to another port will be a waste of resources

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