Graylog Go and our First Capture the Flag!

Take part in Graylog’s first Capture the Flag competition during Graylog GO, October 4, 11 AM - 3 PM CT! With just under 30 flags :triangular_flag_on_post:and a run time of 4 hours, it’s a CTF best enjoyed amongst peers with your choice of drink in hand.

Players will be captivated by stunning AI-generated poetry, a myriad of Star Trek references, at least one artisanal handcrafted website, guest appearances from The Logfather, and confounding puzzles devilishly dredged up from the minds of those who built it. Prizes: we will have prizes, too. To participate, you must register for GO.


Thanks @joe.gross Awesome :+1: ,

I’m looking forward! I’ll be there, is a participation also available from remote?

Yes @ihe, the entire event is virtual.

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Good news that we can participate remotely :slight_smile:
I’m registered for Graylog GO, what are the following steps to do the CTF ?