Graylog error message

On our Elastic servers this moring we suddenly got a lot of errors like this :
[2020-03-08T03:00:58,735][DEBUG][o.e.a.s.TransportSearchScrollAction] [elastic-graylog47] [436350384] Failed to execute query phase
org.elasticsearch.transport.RemoteTransportException: [elastic-graylog22][][indices:data/read/search[phase/query/scroll]]
Caused by: No search context found for id [436350384]

What could be the cause ?

he @Cato
did you make lot of use of the “export to csv” function in Graylog?

Hi Jan,

Sorry, no. This happened during a weekend and on 50 Elastic nodes so on-call just cleared the logs and restarted Graylog.

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