Graylog Disk Journal Age

I am still struggling how to put 5 minutes on segment age of Graylog disk journal configuration part
Screen Shot 2022-09-08 at 21.04.11

As we can see, Maximum Age 1 day 0 hours 0 minutes.

I want to set it to Maximum Age 0 day 0 hours 5 minutes.

message_journal_segment_age 5m
message_journal_segment_age 5000
message_journal_segment_age 0.5h
message_journal_segment_age 5 minutes

Some of these config above make graylog-server systemctl status error or Maximum Age 1 day 0 hours 0 minutes always.

It means my goal to set Maximum Age to 5 minutes still not achieved.

My graylog version is Graylog 3.2.6


First, how did you configure the journal from its default configuration settings?

Second, those configuration settings are incorrect, perhaps look here

if i want to set Maximum Age to 5 minutes, what is the value of message_journal_segment_age ?

Here is a better view of what I was talking about, you got this @merceskoba :wink:

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